3 Reasons Gay Bars Are Better Than Regular Bars

When it comes to clubs and bars what kind of vibe are you looking for? Are you looking for the swank of a mixology bar? What about a whiskey lounge or quirky tiki bars?

But do you know where you should absolutely spend your Saturday night? At a gay bar. I know that you may be shocked by this statement, dear reader, especially if you’re straight. But let’s be honest, if you’re looking for fun, then a gay bar is easily the best place to go. There is nothing like showing up to a gay bar for a drag show or a theme party or a Drag Race viewing night…

If I haven’t convinced you, please read on so that I can explain exactly why gay bars are easily much better than straight bars.

Drag shows… duh.

Obviously, every night at a gay bar isn’t a drag show, that’s just unsustainable! I’m not 100% sure if there are enough drag queens to have a show every night a week… but if there were, I wouldn’t complain.

Drag shows are just FUN. Even the dramatic shows like Sasha Velour‘s Nightgowns are fun even if they make you cry – because let’s be honest, that woman is an artist.

Drag queens are amazing when it comes to entertainment, so if you’re feeling bored why not head to your friendly neighborhood gay bar for a drag show!

You are NEVER overdressed

If you’re like me, you have an issue with overdressing for an occasion. I know that it’s better than being underdressed; however, sometimes it’s more uncomfy to be overdressed at a casual bar. But at a gay bar, you’re never fucking overdressed.

You can walk in looking like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, and you will be fully supported for your outfit choice. You’ll be praised for wearing layers of glitter and full beat. You will be exalted for the shoes you’re wearing. You’re gorgeous; you’re a model; did you stone those tights?

On another note, you can never be underdressed either. You can show up to a gay bar in next to nothing and similarly be accepted and praised for your choice of jock-strap.

More accepting vibe

Gay bars are generally more accepting than straight bars. Yes, they do have their own group of judgy white girls (which are just judgy white twinks), but in the grand scheme of thing a gay bar can feel more comfortable than home.

Being gay isn’t easy. Most people at a gay bar knows what it’s like to feel “other” so instead of making you feel unwelcome, they will most likely embrace you.

Better drinks (and no judgment for drinking pink drinks)

Sure, you can get a vodka soda and a splash of cran anywhere. But can you get a specialty drink that tastes like candy at a straight bar? Odds are you can’t! And if you can, someone is bound to judge you for it.

At a gay bar, there is no shame in drinking a “girly drink” because let’s face it… those are the best ones.

Theme parties are epic

You have not known true joy until showing up in full costume at a gay bar. You think sorority girls take theme parties to the next level, just wait until you go to a white party at a gay bar. Prepare to be amazed.