5 Best Gay Clubs to go in LA

Okay, so you’ve just moved to L.A. and you’re gay. Or maybe you’re out visiting or on vacation. Being in a place dripping in rainbow, you may need a little guidance as to where to spend your time while you’re in this famously queer city.

Since there are so many gay bars and clubs to choose from, this guide is meant to help you figure out what bar best suits your interests and goals for the night. Maybe you are looking to get wild and rowdy, maybe you are looking to kiki with some queens, or maybe you want to take a step back from all the craziness and be a classy bitch for a night.

Either way, I’ve detailed some of the best gay bars to go to in L.A. Enjoy!

1. Micky’s

Now, if you want to truly engulf yourself in the spirit that is West Hollywood then you have to go out to Micky’s.

There is very little that can stop a good time at this bar. I mean it literally burned down and it’s still going strong. If the stages aren’t occupied by scantily clad boys, then they are usually occupied by a queen.

If you are looking to catch a drag show while you’re out on the town then you should definitely head out to Micky’s.

This place is basically a WeHo institution with an insanely loyal, and cute, fan base.

2. Oil Can Harry’s

This is not your average night club. This place is like stepping into an entirely different realm. On the week night, it plays host to cute boys in cowboy hats who certainly know how to line dance. However, on Saturdays go to Harry’s to be transported back to the ‘70s, when the music was funky and gayer than ever.

And if you’re feeling brave they have some great karaoke!

3. Bar Mattachine

If you are looking for a night out where you aren’t constantly at eyelevel with gogo boy’s packages all night, head to this bar.

There are usually no long lines and the service is excellent and the staff is friendly. The vibe is of measured opulence and class. But the true highlight of this bar is their drinks, which in reality is how it should be.

The drinks have cute and quirky names that nod at LGBT history which only makes sense for a bar boasting the name “Mattachine”.

4. Precinct

Looking for leather? Feeling naughty? Then head over to Precinct. This rock-n-roll gay bar currently occupies the space that once was the Department of Corrections. The vibe here is very edgy and fun against a background of exposed brick.

If you are looking to dance to something other than shitty EDM this is the bar for you.

5. Fubar

So, the Precinct wasn’t sexy enough for you. This bar is the most alternative out of all the bars on this list. The vibe is very underground and very, very sexual. You are more likely to leave with someone than you are to leave alone. If you like your gogo boys tatted and pierce and your drinks strong, then I highly recommend this bar (especially on Big Fat Dick nights).