5 Occupations With The Hottest Gay Men

There are just something about the gay men within these careers that have men and women drooling whenever they’re in their presence. It’s hard not to gawk at their godlike facial structure and chiseled bodies not to mention the unbelievable personalities they have.

Not too sure how such perfect human beings exist but whether we can stare at them on the big screen or gawk at them while they’re servicing us in some way, it’s good to be grateful for the hot gay men that are on this planet.

1. Hairdresser:

These men know exactly how to look and present themselves, I mean they do hair for a living, duh! Not only do their looks get better each time you see them because they’re always keeping up with the newest and hottest looks where they’re always looking presentable and jaw dropping. For them to have a growing clientele, they must build and maintain relationships which make them excellent conversation starters and outgoing. These hot gay men are definitely one of the most likable.

2. Actor:

All of those hot gay men on the big screen never fail to leave us drooling and fantasizing how they are in bed. Whether it be Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, Muke Macfarlane or Zachary Quinto there are too many hot men available to take over our house with a click of a button. It’s hard to believe that these hot men are even people, but we are all grateful that they’re blessing us with their attractiveness but pursuing a career that does involve being shirtless and vulnerable to love them even more.

3. Pilot:

Some of the hottest gay men are indeed flying us around the world. In our delusional minds, it would be nice to think of it has a one on one date but unfortunately, there are other passengers on the plane, but that doesn’t stop one from daydreaming. Even though you’re only able to see them at the beginning and end of the flight that doesn’t mean your lust and attraction for this man doesn’t get stronger during the travel time.

4. Interior Decorator:

They know houses and rooms inside and out, not to mention bedrooms. With a keen eye for style and quality, these gay men are known for their immediate sense of feng shui and able to handle big projects without being scared off. Not only will these hot men start off strong with sketches, budgets, and store visits but also the ability to follow through and leaving their mark on the territory

5. Barista:

Ah, these hot men are pouring your drinks without hesitation, and you best believe they’re winking and giving you free drinks if the attraction is mutual. It’s even harder not to resist them in this sort of setting with some alcohol involved. Slipping them a napkin with your number on it isn’t surprising, but you should be impressed if they actually reach out to you because chances are they’re getting multiple numbers a night since they’re so hot and irresistible.

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