A Baby-Gay’s Guide to Drag Shows [New Info]

Stay off the “stage”

Not all gay bars will have a straight-up stage. Some bars will have an area on the floor where the queen will be performing or some other clear performance stage. That being said, I’ve seen some pretty crazy performance spaces that are neither floor nor stage but something in-between.

You wouldn’t jump on stage during a Broadway show, so don’t fucking go on “stage” during a drag show. Drag queens can and will retaliate with violence. It’s not cute, and it’s not funny, so hold your liquor and don’t get kicked out of your first drag show.


Just like you’d tip your waiter and your nail lady, you should tip your drag queen. Drag queens are putting on a performance for you and tipping is a whole part of the deal.

I’d recommend getting 1’s and 5’s (even 20s if you’re feeling generous), from the bank before you get there. Get some cash back, so you don’t end up paying a $5 ATM charge at the club. Because while you can tip on your card at the bar, you can’t tip a drag queen with plastic (unless it’s drag brunch, then tip your waiter and bring tips for the other performers).

Don’t be THAT drunk ass bitch

There is usually someone at a drag show which has yet to learn how to hold their liquor – or just doesn’t give a shit because they’re at a drag show and its SOOOO fun.

I don’t care if it’s your birthday or if it’s your bachelorette party (or bachelor party for that matter), keep yourself in line. There’s always a DAB that screams a little too loud at the wrong time, and it’s just not a cute look, baby.

If you or your friend starts getting into drunk ass bitch territory, then do yourself a favor and hop in a cab or a car from your preferred ride-sharing service. Save yourself the embarrassment and get the fuck out.

Make some noise

You are there for a show… so make some noise!

Never touch a drag queen without explicit permission

This is more of a warning. Drag queens will beat your ass. So don’t touch them or their hair.

The best way to know if you can give a drag queen a hug after a show is to ask!

Leave your judgments at the door… anyone can do drag

Drag isn’t an artform practiced strictly by cis-gendered white twinks. Drag is something anyone can participate in regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or body type.

There are plenty of trans-people (like Gia Gunn and Gott Mik) who perform, just as there are women (like Creme Fatale) and even men in straight relationships (like Disasterina) who do drag. Everyone can be drag.

So when you walk into a bar, and you don’t see a skinny white boy dressed as a woman on stage, don’t be shocked. Embrace different body types, ethnicities, and identities who embrace Drag.

Don’t be a bigot. Gay bars are places of acceptance, don’t be the one to fuck up that vibe.

It’s not about you!

You are not the performer (unless you are then, by all means, get your life). So don’t expect this show to be in any way about you.

If you are invited on stage be prepared for whatever may await you, but remember this isn’t your show.

Have fun and be humble to be in the presence of powerful drag queens (and maybe kings)!