Top 5 Gay Nightclubs in US

Ah, gay bars. A mystical world full of drag queens, booze, and poppers.  But where should you take your gay self out? You don’t want to go out to a lame bar now do you?

Until now the jury was out as to which bars across the U.S. are the bestest of the restest. I have compiled a list of the best gay bars in America so that you can always be sure that your night is going to be fabulous, fun, and very, very gay.

1. Mary’s – Atlanta, Georgia

This gay bar is next to legendary. The bar has a colorful kitschy vibe that seems to appeal to everyone. If you love a good themed party, this is the bar for you. All your friends will be there but it’s always a surprise as to what will happen. This bar will continue to surprise you.

They host Karaoke Saturdays that is hosted by a midget, Underwear twister nights, and plenty of other themed parties.

This bar is not pretentious and the crowd is very diverse. The staff is kind albeit a little weird, but they definitely add to the fun vibe.

This place is always fresh and fun and highly recommended. (I mean it is the first on the list)

2. Abbey – West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

This bar is annually voted one of the WORLD’s best gay bars so naturally it made this list. This bar was once a coffee shop but now has expanded to hosting five bars and four times the amount of space it’s original coffee spot occupied.

If you love an opulent and elegant vibe then this is definitely the spot for you.

The downside to this bar is how pricey and successful it is. The bar keeps growing and actually plans on opening more bars across the country. If you want to party with a drag queen, you ought to look elsewhere because this bar is too classy for any sort of glorified lip sycing. If you’re the kind of guy who loves pricey drinks and hunky bartenders then Abbey is for you.

3. Akbar – Los Angeles, California

If you’re looking for something a little friendlier and less pretentious, Akbar is it. The bar is full of alternative looking boys and girls, and features a mix of both twinks and daddies and everything in between.

The vibe of this bar is lowkey and welcoming. And everyone is welcome, not just well dressed gay men.

4. Metropolitan – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

This bar was actually named the best gay bar in NYC! This bar draws both men and women, which is hard to find out there. For lesbians and gays to share the same space is close to a miracle.

The regulars are very friendly and the bartenders are very nice and good. They host Tuesday night karaoke and have female DJ’s spin on Wednesdays!

5. Pecs – San Diego, California

The best way to describe this spot is like “Girls Gone Wild” but with gay men. This bar draws everyone from daddies to twinks to military types. This place is somewhere you can go and be yourself without any judgment. No need to conform here!

Check out the video below for more on the best gay nightclubs in the world!