What to Expect Visiting a Gay Bar as a Straight Man

We all get bored with our routines and seek out new experiences to keep from reliving the same old things. One thing I grew tired of recently was going to the same spots every time I went out with friends. Going out in general starting to become a bore, and I found myself opting to stay home instead a lot of the time. If I wanted to go out I wanted to do something different – see a different scene, hang with different people, hear different music! I knew what to expect at all the bars I went to on the regular with my friends, and it felt like I had been to every bar in town after trying out a couple of places farther from where we usually go, but they turned out to be more of the same. One night one of my friends suggested we go somewhere new; intrigued, but also doubtful that there was actually anything “new” we could do. I asked her “Where?” That’s when she suggested one of the local gay bars. She made an excellent case for the bar, and I was nervous, yet excited to go. What I experienced, however, defied all my expectations.

Much more dancing

I’m a guy that loves to dance. Unfortunately, at most of the bars we went to, there would never be a good amount of people dancing, and it would usually just be me and my friends dancing (when a good song came on, or when we were drunk enough) along with a few other folks. While this place was a bar, I didn’t expect the gay club to have as much dancing as I saw. It wasn’t a club, so I didn’t expect to see people moving all around when we got there, but there was dancing everywhere! And good music playing! There was even a dancefloor set out for people to dance.

I knew right away that we were going to have fun.

More welcoming than I thought

I’ve heard that some gay bars and some of the people that go aren’t too fond of straight men or women coming in. It’s understandable, and I was worried we’d be looked at weird for being there, and I didn’t want anyone to feel like we were intruding on their space. Luckily, though, it was nothing like that. In fact, many of the gay people we met were happy we were there! The environment was so welcoming, which made me wish that everyone was as welcoming to them as they were to us. But because of the hospitality we received and how comfortable we felt (even more comfortable than at our usual spots), we had an amazing time and could actually have fun without being judged for being the only people drunkenly dancing and singing.

There’s lots of other straight men

To my surprise, there were quite a few straight guys I met at the “gay” bar that night. From the bouncers outside to the men inside the club, more straight guys are hanging out at gay bars than you’d think. Some of them were roommates with the gay guys in there and like to tag along, some of them were boyfriends of the straight girls in the bar, and some were like me, out with their friends and just wanting to have a good time.